Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider

Brand Alfa Romeo
Model 2000 Touring Spider
Color Blue
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Pk 115 Ch
Mileage 45,400 miles
Year 1962
Price 125.000€

The Alfa Romeo 2000 was a car produced from 1958 to 1961 by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. The successor to the old Alfa 1900, the Alfa 2000 carried the factory code number AR102.

The 2000 was presented as a 4-door saloon at the 1957 Turin Motor Show. Production began in 1958, and the car was available as a Berlina or Spider cabriolet. In 1960, the Sprint coupé was added. In 2000, the Berlina had a gearbox controlled by a lever mounted on the steering column, allowing three people to sit up front. The two grand touring versions had the gearshift lever on the floor, and a more powerful engine. Until 1961, when the 2+2-seater version became available, the Spider was a pure two-seater.

In the USA, the Spider 2000 was somewhat different from other markets: on European cars, the hood intakes were mounted separately from each other, rather than together and separated by a chrome piece as on US-market cars. European cars also received two chrome stripes along the lower flanks, while American cars had just one.

The 2000 was a rear-wheel drive, monocoque construction with a conventional front engine. The engine was a more powerful version of the twin-camshaft in-line four-cylinder of the previous 1900s. It now had a displacement of 1975 cm3. The cast-iron block and aluminum cylinder head engine produced 105 PS (77 kW; 104 hp) at 5300 rpm at Berlina using a single downdraft Solex carburetor, while the version on the Sprint and Spider produced 115 PS (85 kW; 113 hp) at 5700 rpm with two side-draft Solex carburetors and a higher compression ratio. Two chain-driven overhead camshafts operated two valves per cylinder. Power was transmitted to the rear wheels by a 5-speed gearbox, with synchronization on all forward gears.

The front wheels had independent double-wishbone suspension, while the rear wheels were suspended by a rigid axle. All four wheels were fitted with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers. The brakes were drum brakes with a hydraulic system.

This Spider 2000 is presented in its traditional European version, with bi-chrome stripes and two-part hood scoops. This is a fabulous example, which has been slightly modified to make a very versatile and usable car.

The interior has been redone by Cecil Hayes, with light beige upholstery and no major wear or tears. Everything is clean and well-maintained, which suggests that the car has been driven very little since the restoration was carried out.

The dashboard is clean and well presented, with Veglia instruments and a vintage Blaupunkt radio.

There are no cracks or splits in the dashboard, the carpets are clean and well-maintained, and the rear trunk is solid with a good floor and Alfa-Romeo rubber mats.

The paintwork shows the slightest signs of wear, but is still very attractive. Chrome is perfect, and all Alfa Romeo brands are in excellent condition.

The underside of the car is in excellent, corrosion-free condition, with new suspension and exhaust.

This Alfa Romeo is said to have undergone extensive work, from a new cylinder head to an overhauled gearbox and clutch.
  • First built and registered in 1962
  • Modified and restored by a previous owner around 2008-2011 by Manellis, Blumberg and Goldstar
  • Imported into South Africa in 2014
  • The car shows 45,387 miles on a five-digit speedometer

The file includes :

  • Restoration file
  • Handwritten notes from a former owner on modifications made to the car
  • A list of new parts

The car is in truly exceptional condition!