In the media…

Giving a second life to waste by transforming it into works of art

Giving meaning to waste by transforming it into works of art is the project behind the Renaissance exhibition. An exhibition at Route59 showcased recycling and was curated by Amandine Geluck, the niece of Le Chat’s father.

Route59: What a magical place!

Bob from Automag came to see us… He certainly liked the place! Bob, aka Robert Wuyts, is an old acquaintance from the famous Rallye de Légendes, an orienteering rally organized in southern Hainaut in the 2010s… What fond memories!

Customs Made assists Route59 with customs formalities

Caroline decided to go freelance and created Customs Made. Today, it offers small and medium-sized businesses tailor-made training and advice on customs, excise and international development.

The Ferrari 348 TS in the clip Ooza Yeah of Kid Noize !

As usual, Kid Noize called Route59 for the figuration of a car for a clip. This is the Ferrari 348 TS

The end of the thermal engines in 2035 signs the immobilization of the oldtimers?

RTL-Info came to Route59 to ask me, as communications manager for BEHVA, about the future of historic vehicles, and in particular about e-fuels, CO2-neutral synthetic fuels.

The Facel Vega FV enters Autoworld!

Nathalie Guirma des Ambassadeurs visited the Autoworld museum in Brussels, on the esplanade of the fiftieth anniversary in the Vega de Route59. Autoworld, a museum with one of the finest collections of vintage vehicles in the world. Meeting with Sébastien de Baere, the director …

A 1955 Facel Vega FV donated by the conductor Ray Ventura

Mobil’Idées devoted a report to the Vega FV of 1955, one of the 3 remaining of the very first FV series. Reportage by Vincent Franssen shot in August 2022 in Thuin

“I’m not a Porsche fan, even though I have three.”

For the Sabato supplement of L’Echo, the journalist Bert Voet came to see me, one year before the launch of Route59. Having been particularly heated by a previous interview with a notary from Ghent, a Porsche collector, who said that the worst car he ever owned was a Lotus, I let loose a bit. Well, he made it the title of his article, which is not particularly happy…

An Alvis Speed 20 in the video Girl of Kid Noize.

The collaboration continues and Kid Noize called Route59 for the figuration of a 1936 Alvis Speed 20 for the video Girl. Not only the car, which is just a figurehead…

A Ferrari 328 TB in Charleroi, in 2015, in Kid Noize’s Elektropical video.

Kid Noize asked Route59 to do a car for a video clip. This is the Ferrari 328 TB, now resold.