Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Zagato "Conrero"

Brand Alfa Romeo
Model 2600 Sprint Zagato
Color Red
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Pk 220 ch
Mileage 55.000 km
Year 1965
Price 220.000€

Introduced in 1961, the Alfa Romeo 2600 is an evolution of the 2000 version. This top-of-the-range model was available at the time in Sedan, Sprint (coupé designed by Bertone) and Spider (Touring) versions. All receive a new 2584cc in-line 6-cylinder engine with electric fuel pump (two twin-barrel carburetors on the Sedan and three twin-barrel carburetors on the Sprint and Spider) to keep up with the competition. The Alfa Romeo 2600 will also be the last car to feature the in-line 6-cylinder engine with twin camshafts.

The Zagato coachbuilder wasted no time in working on this new base, and in November 1962 presented his vision of the 2600 Coupé. This prototype features completely innovative lines compared to Alfa Romeo’s current offering. The Italian maestro then developed his project further, and a few months later presented four new prototypes with refined bodywork. From 1965 onwards, the 2600 Sprint Zagato (SZ) will be available from Alfa Romeo, as it joins the manufacturer’s range. With the exception of the bodywork, the engine and chassis remain identical to the base version. The 2600 SZ is powered by a 2,584 cm3 in-line 6-cylinder engine fed by three Solex carburetors for a total output of 145 hp. Benefiting from perfected aerodynamics, the 2600 SZ boasts improved performance, with a top speed of 210 km/h (17 km/h faster than the 2600 Sprint) and takes 30.9 seconds to cover 1,000 m from a standing start. Despite this performance gain and Zagato’s signature, production of the model remained confidential. The 2600 SZ’s manufacturing process remains traditional and synonymous with high prices. Thus, from 1965 to 1967, only 105 examples of the Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ were produced, including the 5 prototypes mentioned above. Hence the extreme rarity of this very exclusive model, which is now highly sought-after on the market.

This model was produced on September 27, 1965 and delivered new in its original Bianco color, with black leatherette interior, on October 11, 1965. In October 1966, the car was sent to Conrero, who prepared the engine to produce 220 hp, making this car unique, as most preparations had been made on 2600 Sprint cars.


Chassis #856013
Motor #AR00601* 10034
Model type – 106. 12
Production date – September 27, 1965
Delivery date – October 11, 1965
Delivered new in Paris, France
Exterior color Bianco (White)
Interior color Nero (Black)
5-speed gearbox
1 of 105 made (856001 to 856105).

History and details

1965/07/28: Consigned to Zagato (9th car built)
1965/10/11: Sale of Alfa Romeo to SOFAR (Société Française Alfa Romeo), Paris (France)
1966/04/13: Raymond Sauveterre, Montpellier (France)
1966/10/29: Sauveterre has the car prepared by Conrero (copy of original invoice in file), with 3 Weber 45 DCOZ-9, developing 220 HP at 6500 rpm, special exhaust,…
1983/10/30: Purchased by Jean-Pierre Esquirol, Paris (France), a well-known Alfiste, at an Osenat auction at the Château de Bourron-Marlotte (lot 64), license plate 2600YC95, the car was red.
2007/2/27: Purchased by Pascal Volant, Belgium. Presented at the Brussels Retro Festival on the stand of the Alfa Romeo Club Quadrifoglio Belgio.

The doors, front hood and rear hood are all aluminum, while the rest of the body is steel.

The car is now in very good original condition. Original bumpers accompany the car.


Alfa Romeo certificate (original, dated 17/ 08/ 2021)
Conrero invoice (copy, dated 10/29/1966)
Auction extract (copy, dated 1983)
French vehicle registration document (original, dated 1985)