Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder Turbo

Brand Chevrolet
Model Corvair Monza
Color Blue
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 150 ch
Mileage 49.983 miles
Year 1964
Price 43.500 €

If the Corvette from 1953 is queen of the Grand Touring category at Chevrolet, it is the Corvair and especially the Monza which from 1960 democratizes the sporting kind. Corvair is an amalgam of Corvette and Bel Air; as for Monza, it is rightly named after the famous Italian circuit near Milan. It is a pioneer in the American industrialization of a rear engine, even if the Tucker 48 already offered this particularity (only 50 produced).

An innovation in the compact segment, the Corvair is made almost entirely of aluminum. It is equipped with an in-line engine (Flat 6 cylinders) cooled by air, optional super Turbo Air. The suspension is also innovative: independent on all four wheels, the quadri-flex is unique. It incorporates wishbones and coil springs at the front, the transmission at the rear is nested in the axle, the springs of the new camshaft are oscillating and double.

The turbo compression engine has entered the world of the American car and demonstrates its advantages over the classic suppressor: space, silence, cost, economy and of course the power, which is increased tenfold to 150 horsepower. The torque follows and is 285 Nm at 3200 rpm. The spyder package for less than $320 doesn’t stop under the hood, the exhaust optimizes a beautiful sound and turbo emblems delight the body. The interior also trades the standard instrumentation for raised meters in a brushed aluminum panel. The turbo logo on the horn makes an impact.

With its 1.8 million cars produced between 1960 and 1969, the Corvair still stood out remarkably well. It suffered the wrath of the Ford Mustang at the end of its career, while Chevrolet focused more on the Camaro.

This example, purchased in the USA in 2022, was restored to new and is in exceptional condition.

The engine has been completely rebuilt by us:

  • new cylinders (+0.030), pistons and rings
  • new connecting rod bearings and main bearings
  • new performance camshaft
  • new hydraulic lifters
  • culasses révisées
  • turbo overhauled