Chevrolet Corvette C2 Cabrio 396ci

Brand Chevrolet
Model Corvette C2 Cabrio 396ci
Color Red
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 420 ch
Year 1965
Price Not for sale

The production started in 1963 for the 2nd generation Corvettes “C2”, it is also the model which inaugurated the name “Sting Ray”. The Sting Ray features retractable headlights, non-functional hood vents and independent rear suspension, a first for a Corvette. The maximum power for 1963 was 360 hp and was increased to 375 hp in 1964. On 1964 models, the decorative hood vents have been removed. In 1965, four-wheel disc brakes were introduced, as well as a “big block” engine option: the 396ci V8. Side exhaust pipes were also available as an option in 1965, and continued to be offered in 1967. The introduction of the 425 hp 396ci big block in 1965 marked the beginning of the end of the Rochester injection system.

This example, a 396ci big block version of 425hp, bought in 2009 in the USA, is equipped with a Muncie 4 speed short gearbox, side exhausts and center nut wheels. More than 12,000 km have been driven since its purchase and it remains one of the most fantastic cars to drive.