Chevrolet Corvette C3 456ci

Brand Chevrolet
Model Corvette
Color Metal grey
Transmission 3-speed automatic
Pk 275 ch
Year 1973
Price Not for sale

The 1973 C3 arrived with some significant changes. It was the 20th anniversary of the Corvette and a mid-cycle refresh was in order.

While the front design has not changed, the iconic sharp chrome nose and grille have been replaced with safer urethane bumpers. The egg-crate shaped wing vents are replaced by a single cutout. The vacuum wiper panel is gone and the hood has been extended to hide the wipers. The removable rear window is now fixed in place.

1973 is the only year that a chrome bumper is attached only to the rear of the Corvette.

Radial tires, steel door beams, lap and shoulder belts and safety bumpers were installed to meet increasing federal safety standards. Interior soundproofing was added to provide greater comfort when traveling, reinforcing its position as a developing grand tourer rather than a muscle car.

The base engine, the L46 small-block V8, produced 190 horsepower. The L82 small block did a little better with 250 horsepower, while the only optional big block, the LS4, made 270 horsepower.

This is the engine that powers this example imported in 2010 by the current owner. The car has been driven relatively little since and is in very good condition.

Matching number :

Chassis: 1Z37Z3S415287

Engine: T0201CWR 13S415287

The car has just been appraised at 35.000€ (available on request)