Jaguar XK140 OTS

Brand Jaguar
Model XK140 OTS
Color Blue
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Pk 190 ch
Year 1955
Price Not for sale

The XK140 was introduced in late 1954 and sold as a 1955 model. Exterior modifications that distinguished it from the XK120 included larger front and rear bumpers, and turn signals (operated by a switch on the dash) above the front bumper.

The grille remains the same size but becomes a one-piece molded unit with fewer and wider vertical bars. The Jaguar emblem is incorporated into the contour of the grille. A chrome strip runs down the center of the hood and trunk lid. An emblem on the trunk lid contains the words “Winner Le Mans 1951-3”.

The Roadster (designated OTS – Open Two Seater – in America) had a lightweight canvas top that folded behind the seats. The interior was trimmed in leather and leatherette, including the dashboard. Like the XK120 Roadster, the XK140 version was equipped with removable canvas and plastic side windows attached to light alloy barchetta doors, and a tonneau cover. The door tops have been reduced by 50 mm compared to the XK120, to allow a more modern positioning of the steering wheel. The angle of the front of the doors (A-Post) is increased from 45 to 90 degrees for easy access. The windshield remains removable.

This example was completely restored (body, engine, upholstery) in 2014 and is in exceptional condition. A restoration file is available (invoices and photos). The car is equipped with a 5 speed Gretag gearbox, a brake servo and a steering servo for a maximum driving comfort.

An expert report, produced in 2022, is available on request. The car is valued at 160.000€.