Mercedes C32 AMG

Brand Mercedes
Model C32 AMG
Color Metal grey
Transmission 5-speed automatic
Pk 354 ch
Year 347
Price Not for sale

Building on the great success of the new C-Class since its recent launch, the sporty version of the compact sedan (which will go on sale in the spring of 2001) can boast exceptional performance: the 3.2-liter V6 supercharged engine delivers no less than 260 kW, or 354 hp. Maximum torque reaches an all-time high of 450 Nm, making the C 32 AMG the world’s leading production vehicle in its class in terms of torque.

The C 32 AMG will replace the successful eight-cylinder models C 43 AMG and C 55 AMG, of which a total of 4,200 were produced. Including the C 36 AMG, the first complete AMG vehicle, almost 9,000 sporty versions of the C-Class rolled off the production lines in Affalterbach and Bremen between 1994 and May 2000.

The transmission of the Mercedes-Benz C 32 AMG is provided by a five-speed automatic transmission with impulse control. Specially optimized by Mercedes-AMG GmbH engineers, this gearbox enables more spontaneous gear changes in any speed range.

The all-new running gear ensures that the right balance is maintained between sporty handling and a high level of comfort. Compared to the C 320, the latest AMG model has received new suspension and shock absorber settings. The bodywork has been lowered at the front and rear axles by about 30 millimeters.

Equipped with 17-inch AMG alloy wheels, the wide 7.5-inch front and 8.5-inch rear wheels ensure a precise grip on the road. The new C 32 AMG is equipped with 225/45 R 17 tires on the front axle and 245/40 R 17 tires on the rear.

The braking system developed by AMG ensures safe deceleration in any situation. The 345 x 30 mm perforated and ventilated front and 300 x 22 mm ventilated rear disc brakes, ABS, ESP® and ASR systems, as well as BAS assisted emergency braking ensure excellent driving safety.

This car has had only two owners and has been perfectly maintained. Despite the high mileage, it still works perfectly and still has exceptional performance.

It is registered as a commercial vehicle (annual flat tax of +/- 100€), no Ecomalus. The rear seat is available to return to its normal configuration.