Porsche 928 S

Brand Porsche
Model 928
Color Metal grey
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Pk 300 ch
Year 1983
Price Not for sale

When the Porsche 928 was first released, its design was completely different from what most people would have described as a car. Its design made use of aluminum and polyurethane, which were just beginning to be used in the manufacture of cars. This allowed him to have long, elegant and sophisticated lines. It also won the 1978 European Car of the Year award, which was high praise and reflected its popularity.

At the time of the Porsche 928’s release, Porsche was only 28 years old. The company was young and the new car marked a decidedly different direction from the previous 911 model. The 928 had a V8 engine placed under a long sculpted hood, with the car’s cabin set back further. The sleek styling was synonymous with high performance, and the interior was synonymous with luxury. For many supercar enthusiasts, the fact that it was more expensive than the 911 was irrelevant because it exuded intense prestige.

One of its most famous technical features, which distinguished it from other cars, was its Weissach axle, designed by Porsche. This was a never-before-realized technology that allowed the rear wheels to make an active toe-in movement, which provided an extremely high level of lateral grip in turns. From 1978 to 1994, the Porsche 928 has been declined in several different models: each model has sought to achieve a redesign of the initial version to improve performance or perfect the interior and exterior design. In some cases, buyers were able to specify certain features. Such was the case with the 928 S Coupé, which featured luxurious interior features such as electrically adjustable leather seats, power windows and mirrors, air conditioning, AM and FM cassette stereo, cruise control and metallic paint.

This example, delivered new in Switzerland in June 1984, contains just such options. It is equipped with the M28/22 300 hp Euro-compliant engine, which had not yet been depolluted (it arrived on the Swiss market in 1986). The car is matching number and is in exceptional condition, especially for a Porsche 928.

The equipment includes :

  • Electric leather seats
  • Air conditioning (functional)
  • Electric windows and mirrors
  • Cruise control.

Delivered new in Switzerland, it remained there until 1994, when it had 146,995 km. Then lost for 10 years, it was acquired by the last Belgian owner in 2014 (158,198 km), who kept it for 10 years and re-registered it in Luxembourg. During this period, he covered some 40,000 km. Since 2014, more than €37,000 has been spent, mostly at the André Losch Porsche dealership in Luxembourg, on a complete mechanical and interior restoration. The invoice file is available on request. The car had Luxembourg’s historic character (TÜV conformity file available on request).

Recent work includes :

  • Full service (2/23)
  • New distribution and water pump (5/22)
  • Air conditioning maintenance (10/22)
  • New PZERO ROSSO tires (2/23)
  • New battery (2/23)

The interior was redone in 2017 and is in exceptional condition (invoice available), the paint was redone afterwards and is of good quality, but showing some flaws.

The mechanics are faultless and the car drives very well.