Porsche 993 4S

Brand Porsche
Model 993 4S
Color Blue
Transmission Manual 6 gears
Pk 285 ch
Year 1998
Price Not for sale

This is not the most powerful or rare Porsche 993. It’s not the most iconic Porsche 911 and yet the 993 Carrera 4S is undoubtedly the most popular of the 4th generation models. Explanation:


Presented to the press on November 9, 1993 (9/11), the Porsche 993 had a big challenge to meet: next to the PMA 968 and 928 whose declining sales would soon justify their retirement (in 1995) and in the absence of SUV (the Cayenne dates from 2002) and sedan (2009 for the Panamera!), the fourth generation 911 would soon find itself alone to ensure the durability of the Porsche brand until the arrival of the providential Boxster (1998).


Nothing is won at the beginning and as often when a new generation of 911 is presented, the reception is mixed: Some people criticize the new headlights, which are too flat, while others criticize the modification of the rear wings. However, the 993 improves in all areas and some of the 911’s inherent weaknesses are finally corrected, such as the mediocre efficiency of the windshield wipers or the range of the headlights. The new flat 6, the last air-cooled one, still has a capacity of 3.6 l and is still associated with a dual ignition system as on the 964, but it is completely new and made entirely of aluminum. It develops 272 hp. The multi-link rear axle (called LSA) improves handling and comfort. Even the pollutant emissions are reduced by the addition of a sixth gear and a new catalytic converter. In short, the 993 is appreciated by the automotive press, but despite a coupe or convertible body, the sales of the Porsche 993 remain timid. Fortunately, in 1995, the arrival of the Turbo, four-wheel drive models and a new Targa with a revolutionary glass roof changed the situation. The line of the 993 Turbo is so appreciated by the public that it will give ideas to the heads of Stuttgart…

In 1996, the engine adopted a variable intake (called Varioram) and saw its power increased to 285 hp. But above all the magnificent 993 Carrera 4S appears. The idea is simple and has already been used on the 911 Carrera 3.2: Combine the famous “Turbo look” with the “small” naturally aspirated engine. But Porsche does more than simply adopt the wide fender body, bumpers and wheels of its big sister: the running gear, suspension and brakes are identical. In the end, the 993 Carrera 4S is built on a 993 Turbo chassis. Only the huge spoiler disappears in favor of a retractable element, more discreet. Performance is down compared to the 993 Carrera 4 due to the extra weight and less favorable aerodynamics. But the public doesn’t care. The 993 Carrera 4S is such a success that it overshadows the sales of the Carrera and Carrera 4 models. Moreover, one year later, the 993 Carrera S, with the same aesthetic attributes but only with two-wheel drive, will allow the 993 to definitively conquer the hearts of the last refractory ones… Its little plus: its rear grille in two parts is specific to it. It’s a pity that Porsche never made a convertible…


This copy was put into circulation in January 1998 in Belgium. It is the 2nd owner who sells the car, which he has owned since 2004. Very well maintained, available with a full service book (last service less than 3,000km ago), it is in very good condition. It is equipped with a sunroof.