Triumph TR6

Brand Triumph
Model TR6
Color Blue
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 150 ch
Year 1973
Price Not for sale

The Triumph TR6 is one of the most popular British cars. Introduced in 1969, it is the direct successor of the TR5/250 which left a taste of too little to testers and customers. the restyling of Karmann, will prolong it until 1976, year of its replacement by the TR7.

The TRs are powered by an in-line 6-cylinder engine, which is completely different from the previous 4-cylinder engine. 74.7 mm bore and 95 mm stroke, i.e. 2498 cm3, and a Lucas indirect fuel injection, still relatively uncommon at the time for a power of 150 hp at 5500 rpm.

Placed in the TR4’s chassis, the unit is still relatively light and remains under 1100 kg when empty. In fact, this engine transforms the roadster into a “200 km/h” car, while at the same time gaining a lot of pleasure thanks to the smoothness and the suggestive sound of the English in-line 6.

On the transmission side, we find the usual 4-speed gearbox with its usual qualities and the classic overdrive on the last 3 gears remains an option. Acceleration is close to that of a Porsche 911 E: less than 17 seconds in the 400-meter standing start and less than 31 seconds in the 1000-meter race.

The 100 km/h is reached in just under 9 seconds. Overall performance is therefore significantly improved, albeit at the expense of fuel consumption.

This TR6 has the particularity to have a prepared engine, mounted with 3 Weber carburetors, a lightened flywheel and various other mechanical improvements that make it one of the most powerful TR6 we have ever tried. The car is very pleasant to drive, equipped with a double stainless steel line which gives an incomparable sound. The hood is new, and the chassis is very sound with recently rebuilt running gear. Only the paint is average, needing special attention on the left rear wing. The interior is very clean with a walnut dashboard.


  • Prepared engine
  • Recent tires
  • Original rims + one set of spoked rims available
  • Wooden steering wheel and dashboard
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Overdrive
  • Oil cooler
  • Electronic ignition

Car appraised at 25.000€. Expertise available