Volvo P1800 ES

Brand Volvo
Model P1800 ES
Color Metal Blue
Transmission Manual 4 speed + overdrive
Pk 130 ch
Mileage 55.000 miles
Year 1973
Price 43.500€

From the beginning, the P1800 (which evolved into the 1800S, 1800E and 1800ES) impressed not only with its appearance, but also with its ability to outperform. An advertisement of the time described it as “a kind of light Ferrari”. Another lined up the P1800 under an Aston Martin, Mercedes 300SL Roadster, Maserati and other exotic cars asking, “What’s it like to own a $10,000 car? … Find out for $3995.”

In the fall of 1971, a new version of the famous Volvo 1800 model was introduced. The new version was called 1800ES

The 1800ES had a redesigned rear end compared to the previous version of the 1800. The roof lines had been lengthened and the car had a profile more reminiscent of a station wagon. This is in keeping with the Volvo tradition of building wagons according to customers’ changing lifestyles and increasing the size of the luggage compartments to provide extra space for golf equipment, for example.

Under the surface, the technology of the 1800ES was the same as that of the other 1800 models.

The new version was produced for two model years, 1972 and 1973. In 1972, both versions were produced simultaneously, but only the 1800ES was produced in 1973.

When the last cars were built in 1973 and production was stopped, it was because of increasingly strict safety requirements, especially in the United States, which would have been simply too expensive to comply with.

Although it was never the fastest for its price, it looked more exotic than it was, was relatively rare, and offered legendary Volvo reliability with an unwavering engine and rock-solid build quality. Volvo made a fun, trouble-free car.

This model, recently imported from the USA and fully restored by its previous owner, is in excellent condition. Equipped with a 2L B20F engine with Bosch injection, a 4 speed gearbox and an overdrive, it runs perfectly. It is accompanied by a restoration file with many photos and invoices.

As the B20F engine has “big valves” and lends itself well to a few improvements, the fuel injection is removed, replaced by two Weber DCOEs and the camshaft that goes with them!

Work carried out in our workshops:

  • Reworked and rectified cylinder head
  • New, thinner cylinder head gasket
  • New “R” camshaft
  • New segments
  • New “Redline” intake pipe
  • 2 Weber 40 DCOE carburetors
  • New “Fan Type 4-1” exhaust manifold
  • New sport exhaust system