Fiat Dino Coupe 2.4

Brand Fiat
Model Dino Coupe
Color Metal grey
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Pk 180 ch
Year 1970
Price Not for sale

The Fiat Dino was born of an agreement between Ferrari and Fiat for the production of a spider and a coupé, designed and assembled by two of Turin’s leading coachbuilders, to meet the demands of competition and bear the name of Enzo Ferrari’s son.

In the mid-sixties, Ferrari needed to homologate an engine for its Formula 2 racing cars, which led to a manufacturing agreement with Fiat to supply 500 “Dino” V6 engines, named in honor of Enzo Ferrari’s son, who died prematurely after contributing to their design.

Around this sophisticated new two-liter V6 engine, Fiat decided to produce two sports cars. In 1966, Pininfarina was commissioned to create the Spider, and the following year Bertone presented the Coupé. The latter is a four-seater with a longer wheelbase than the Spider, but is immediately more popular on the market, despite the Spider’s appeal.

The conventional layout consists of a longitudinal front engine coupled to a five-speed gearbox. It also included a rear-wheel drive with a sporty self-locking differential. The independent front suspension was coil-sprung, while the rigid rear axle relied on single leaf springs. Both the Spider and Coupé were equipped with four-wheel disc brakes.

In 1969, the Fiat Dino underwent a redesign to modernize it, giving birth to the Fiat Dino 2400. This new series has benefited from several aesthetic changes: new wheels, reworked taillights, and the Dino logo has been added to the center of the trunk. Inside, only the dashboard and seats of the Fiat Dino 2400 Coupé have been completely redesigned, offering new fabric or leather upholstery options for the seats, as well as head restraints as standard, available as an option for the Fiat Dino 2400 Spider.

In terms of powertrains, the Fiat Dino’s cast-iron engine has been upgraded to 2.4 liters, producing 180 horsepower. The same engine was used for the Dino 246 GT. It is combined with a new ZF reverse gearbox, featuring reworked gear ratios. Performance was impressive, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 9.0 seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h, despite a weight of 1.24 tonnes. Another major improvement has been made to the rear suspension, which is now independent. In terms of braking, Girling disc brakes (similar to those on the De Tomaso Pantera) and calipers have been oversized, along with an increase in tire width. Another major novelty was the assembly location: whereas Fiat Dino models were previously assembled in Rivalta di Torino, the Fiat Dino 2400 was assembled in Maranello on the same production line as the Dino 246 GT, marking a significant change.

This example belongs to its third owner, who has owned it since 2012 and has taken particularly good care of it. Maintenance was meticulously monitored, and many expenses were incurred.

  • Replacement of all silentblocs
  • Carburetor renovation kit (diaphragms, jets)
  • Replaced clutch
  • Complete bodywork restoration in 2019, 15-year warranty
  • Complete interior renovation in 2020

The last complete service was in May 2022: valve adjustment (report available), radiator repair, replacement of all hoses, spark plugs, platinum screws, etc. Numerous invoices are available.