Jaguar Mk2 3.4

Brand Jaguar
Model Mk2 3.4
Color Green
Transmission Manuel 4 gears + overdrive
Pk 210 ch
Mileage 42.156 km
Year 1966
Price 35.000 €

The Jaguar Mark II was an improvement on the Mark I and went into production later in 1959. The relatively narrow rear track, which had been the subject of criticism although it didn’t significantly affect the car’s handling, has been widened thanks to the installation of a new drive axle.

The design of the front and rear suspensions remains unchanged, with the exception of the necessary modifications to the geometry. Four-wheel disc brakes are fitted as standard, and a limited-slip differential has been added for the model with the 3.8-liter engine. Options included Normanville’s Laycock electric overdrive for manual cars, automatic transmission and power steering.

Above the beltline, the changes are subtle but significant. Sir William Lyons and his team increased the glass surface area by 18% by widening the windshield and considerably enlarging the rear window. Similarly, the side windows were enlarged and the rear quarter windows took on the Jaguar “D” shape that would become a familiar feature of other Jaguar cars.

The car’s interior remains true to the design of the original Mark I, but has been enhanced, retaining the irresistible feel of being surrounded by walnut veneer while wrapped in sumptuous leather. If you weren’t completely captivated by the car’s exterior, you were almost guaranteed to fall in love with the interior, and to keep everyone happy, heating was installed in the rear of the cabin to provide luxurious comfort for everyone.

The Jaguar Mark II was produced with three engine options, the 2.4-liter and 3.4-liter carried over from the Mark I and a new 3.8-liter. The 2.4-liter version equipped with two Solex carburetors developed 120 hp, the 3.4-liter version equipped with two SU HD6 carburetors developed 210 hp, while the 3.8-liter versionalso equipped with two SU HD6 carburetors developed 220 hp under the driver’s right foot. The Jaguar Mark II shared its 210hp 3.4-liter engine with the 3.4-liter Jaguar XK150 SE, and its 220hp 3.8-liter engine with the 3.8-liter XK150 SE.

The Jaguar Mark II remained in production until September 1967, when the 3.8-liter version was withdrawn from the market and the 2.4-liter and 3.4-liter models were renamed Jaguar 240 and 340. The 240 and 340 were end-of-production models designed to use up the remaining stock of Mark II parts and fill the gap while the world waited impatiently for the new Jaguar XJ6, due to make its debut in September 1968.

The version presented here is a European version, left-hand drive, mechanical gearbox with overdrive, power steering and the 210 hp 3.4L engine! The car has been restored, but there are no precise traces of the work carried out. The paintwork is in very good condition, the mechanics run perfectly and the gearbox is faultless. The interior is also impeccable.

Decoding the chassis number shows that this is a Jaguar Mark II equipped with a 3.4 XK engine, left-hand drive and manual gearbox with DeNormanville overdrive. This Jaguar Mark II was number 133 out of 247 vehicles built in the UK in 1965.