Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo

Brand Lotus
Model S3 Turbo Hci
Color Yellow
Transmission Manual 5 speeds
Pk 215 ch
Year 1986
Price Not for sale

In 1980, the first factory turbocharged Lotus, the Essex Esprit, was built. These special editions were replaced by a production turbo car. The new turbocharged engine was known as the Type 910, and produced 210 horsepower, with an impressive 200 lb-ft of torque. The speed from 0 to 100 km/h could be reached in less than 5 seconds, and the top speed was over 150 km/h.

These performance improvements were combined with a redesign and strengthening of the rear suspension, where an upper link was added to relieve tension on the half-shafts, as well as improvements to the brakes (the front suspension was further improved in 1985). Turbo cars feature an aerodynamic body kit with a ducktail spoiler and box-shaped bumpers, with more and larger ducts all around.

In 1981, the Spirit (two Spirits in fact) was used again in a Bond film, “For Your Eyes Only.”

The last incarnation of the Esprit designed by Giugiaro, the HC turbo, was produced in 1986. Higher compression (from 7.5:1 to 8:1) resulted in 215 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque. Lotus created the HCi, with Bosch jetronic fuel injection, for markets with high emissions standards like the United States. Producing this amount of power from just 2.2 liters continues the Esprit’s tradition of remarkable specific power.

This model imported from the USA in 2016, has spent most of its life in California. With its running gear and engine rebuilt less than 2.000km ago, equipped with an S4 intercooler, this Esprit Turbo Hci drives remarkably well. Surprisingly the largest of the Lotus models, it offers the least amount of interior space for taller people, who will feel more comfortable in an Elite or Elise!