Brand MG
Model GT V8
Color Blue
Transmission Manuel 4 gears + overdrive
Pk 137 ch
Year 1974
Price Not for sale

Introduced in August 1973, the V8-powered MGB combined the popular coupe body style with a powerful three-and-a-half-liter light-alloy V8 engine. The Rover engine operated with a reduced compression ratio but increased torque compared to similar engines then used in Rover sedans. The result transformed the MGB, creating a very agile car with both smooth and economical power – characteristics that continue to have particular appeal to V8 enthusiasts today!

On the road, the MGBGTV8 performs wonderfully, accelerating quickly in the highest gears, quickly reaching 200 km/h. The 0 to 100 time of 7.7 seconds is still 30 years later a time that many of today’s sporty sedans can’t reach.

The V8 engine, although derived from an early 1950s Buick model, is equipped with hydraulic rollers that give the MGBGTV8 a quietness that complements its smooth power delivery. Under the hood, the lightweight aluminum V8 engine feels much larger than the stock steel four-cylinder engine, but it’s only slightly heavier if you include the engine’s accessories. The advantages of the light weight are a good weight distribution between the front and the rear and an appreciable increase in the power-to-weight ratio, even for the 137 hp V8 engine.

This example is not an original V8, but a probably old conversion. The registration card shows the 3500cc V8 engine, but the chassis number suggests that it is a transformation based on a 1.8L, just like the Costellos produced before the arrival of the factory version. It is also equipped with overdrive, a very desirable Webasto sunroof, a stainless steel exhaust system giving it an incredible sound. The chassis is sound, the bodywork has a number of defects. The interior is in very good condition.


  • 137hp V8 engine
  • TWR cylinder head
  • New carburetor, clutch and timing chain
  • Oil cooler
  • Electronic ignition
  • Kenlow (electric fan)
  • Overdrive
  • Vinyl sunroof
  • Sport steering wheel
  • 15″ Minilite wheels
  • Sharp” radio
  • More than 5.000€ of recent invoices
  • Recent complete maintenance
  • History