Vega FV

Brand Vega
Model FV
Color Metal grey
Transmission Automatic
Pk 180 ch
Year 1955
Price Not for sale

In January 1953, Facel S.A. decided to produce this car under its name. But it was necessary to find a name for him and Jean DANINOS asked his brother, the writer Pierre DANINOS, to find it for him. He suggested the name “Vega” which is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Lyra. The car was presented under the brand “Vega” built by Facel.

The new Vega was presented to the press on July 29, 1954 in the Colombes factory. On this occasion, the factory distributed a complete technical file to the press. According to the company, “the Vega is designed to appeal to an international clientele that wants a comfortable sports car that handles well in the city as well as on the road at high speeds, and is probably the most complete grand touring sports car package ever made.

The first production example of the FV type received by the Mining Department on February 4, 19551 has a rounded roof and a single-curved windshield like the Ford Comet also created by Jean Daninos.

The vertical grille is flanked by a single ogival grille.

Headlights and fog lights are placed in a cover with two small grills on each side.

The tail lights are recessed into the top of the fenders and the exhaust outlets are incorporated into the rear bumper.

The leather-covered dashboard matches the upholstery and features a center console for the first time on a French car.

The engine is a 4.5-liter (276ci) DeSoto Hemi V8 block developing 180 actual hp.

In March 1955, the model evolves and takes the name FV1. The appearance is similar but the engine displacement is increased to 4.8 liters (291ci) for 200 real hp.

The production of the FV (Vega brand): 8 examples + 2 protos, produced over a few months, 3 remaining today.

The model presented here is one of the 3 survivors having had as first owner Jacques Campanéez. The car would have been offered to him by Ray Ventura, famous conductor of the time.

Entirely restored between 1992 and 2007 by its 6th owner, it nevertheless keeps its original interior very well preserved. It was acquired in 2015 from its 7th owner.