Volkswagen Coccinelle 1303 LS

Brand Volkswagen
Model Coccinelle 1303 LS Cabriolet
Color Black
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 50 ch
Year 1974
Price Not for sale

One of the most popular cars of the 20th century, the Volkswagen Beetle has given birth to a multitude of derivatives, including the longest running, the Cabriolet. Only one prototype was built before the war, but it was not until 1949 that production began, mainly by the Osnabrück company Karmann, whose four-seat convertible appeared shortly after the two-seat version built by Hebmuller. Only the Karmann has stood the test of time, outlasting the sedan and remaining ever fashionable, an automotive icon that is always instantly recognizable.

Mechanical modifications to the convertible kept pace with those of the sedan until production of the latter stopped in the early 1980s. Thus, in 1971, the Cabriolet received the MacPherson strut front suspension of the Super, the swing arm rear suspension and a larger hood. In 1973, the Cabriolet received a curved windshield (and shortened hood), a recessed dashboard, and modified rear fenders with enlarged light clusters. The 1303 LS, equipped with a 1.6-liter, air-cooled, DOHC, flat-four engine with 50 hp, is the most popular model in the lineup. In this version, the cabriolet continued to be manufactured until January 1980, two years after the German production of the sedan was stopped.

This example is in perfect condition, body, interior and engine. The car runs perfectly.

The history is limited, but comes with a Heritage certificate from VW.