Aston Martin DBS AM Vantage

Brand Aston Martin
Model DBS AM Vantage
Color Cricket White
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Pk 325 ch
Mileage 95,000 miles
Year 1973
Price 105.000 €

First presented in September 1967, the DBS was designed by William Towns, who had joined Aston Martin a year earlier. Developed from the DB6, the DBS was initially designed to accommodate the new V8 engine designed by Tadek Marek, an engine that had raced in experimental form in the Lola Aston Martin. To accommodate the width of a V8 engine, the DB6’s steel chassis was widened and the wheelbase lengthened to allow the engine to be lowered behind the front crossmember. Although 15 centimetres wider than the DB6, it is both lower and shorter, giving it a powerful, compact look.

The standard engine produced 282 hp. while 325 hp were claimed for the Vantage. One of Dion’s rear axles was equipped with a limited-slip differential. The DBS was produced from October 1967 to May 1972, during which time 787 cars were produced.

In 1972, David Brown sold Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. to Company Developments Ltd. In April of the same year, a revised version of the DBS and DBS V8 was announced. The DBS V8 became the AM V8 and the DBS became this car, the AM Vantage. Between 1972 and 1974, 70 AM Vantage models were produced.

In terms of basic specifications, the AM Vantage was identical to its predecessor, the DBS. However, a number of detailed modifications have been made: the ratios of the manual gearbox are identical to those of the DBS V8 and AM V8. It features three carburetors, special camshafts, a 9.4:1 compression ratio and 325 hp at 5,750 rpm. Although demand was concentrated on the AM V8, demand for the 6-cylinder car necessitated the production of 70 AM Vantage models.

This right-hand drive model is one of only 70 produced. It was delivered new to London on August 31, 1973. It’s even rarer because it’s fitted with the ZF 5-speed manual gearbox and has a complete file documenting its history over more than fifty years, the combination of service, maintenance and roadworthiness records corresponding to the mileage recorded. Despite being a Vantage-spec engine, it was fitted with SU HD8 carburetors in 1976, replacing Weber carburetors.

Service records begin in 1976, when the mileage was 24,235 miles, and confirm regular, thorough work throughout its life by authorized Aston Martin dealers R S Williams and Hyde Vale Garage, as well as Aston Martin specialists DIR Services, Promech Automotive and Ken Shergold. There is a well-documented summary and photographic record of a thorough restoration of the chassis and side members in 1992.

Sold in 2010 by Byron International, this AM Vantage has been acquired by the current owner, who has carried out extensive work on it:

  • Restoration of chassis, rocker panels, front and rear under-fenders, door sills
  • Complete brake overhaul
  • New stainless steel exhausts
  • Work on the electrical system
  • Instrument overhaul
  • Engine maintenance and overhaul
  • Cooling system upgrade (new radiator)

The car is matching number :

  • Chassis: AM/6059/RA
  • Engine: 400/4966/SVC