Oldsmobile F37

Brand Oldsmobile
Model F37
Color Red
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 74 ch
Mileage 51.814 miles
Year 1937
Price 17.000 €

The Oldsmobile F-series was a pre-World War II touring car built between 1928 and 1938. The first generation continued the tradition, adding a serial number for each model year: F-28, F-29, F-30 and F-31. The second generation, featuring a completely new body, was built from 1932 to 1938, with all cars manufactured in Lansing, Michigan. 1926 saw the introduction of GM’s most recognized commercial model, the use of common platforms shared between brands, and Oldsmobile and Buick shared the GM B platform. The F-Series was shared with the Buick Master Six and was also known as the Oldsmobile Six, which had been introduced as a name earlier in 1913.

The 1933 F-series was introduced with an all-new look and was powered by a 3,490 cm3 Oldsmobile in-line six-cylinder side-valve engine developing 74 hp. This generation had a wheelbase of 2,960 mm and was offered as an open-top roadster, closed-body sedan, coupé and cabriolet. All four wheels are now fitted as standard with hydraulic drum brakes, and the wooden spoke wheels have been replaced by pressed steel discs. 5,720 units of the four-door Touring sedan were built.

With the modern look of aerodynamic bodywork widely accepted by the public, all GM vehicle bodies adopted this look, thanks to the Art and Color Studio under the direction of Harley Earl. In 1937, when the South Gate, California, and Linden, New Jersey, plants were opened, 137,613 F-Series were manufactured, which was affected by the recession of 1937-1938. The Ford Motor Company began to realize the popularity of the Oldsmobile and launched the Ford de luxe, a high-end alternative that preceded the introduction of the Mercury in 1938.

Options for 1937 included a spare wheel mounted in the front fender, bumper guards, a choice of AM radio with one or two speakers, a choice of cabin heating, a choice of manual or electric winding clocks, a cigar lighter, seat covers, a spotlight, dual windshield defroster or electric defroster with fan, wheel covers, wheel discs, deluxe steering wheel, trunk mat, trunk lighting, fender markers, fog lights, side window screens, winter grille cover and winter radiator shutter operated from the dashboard.