Jaguar MkV Saloon 3.5L

Brand Jaguar
Model MkV Saloon 3.5L
Color Sage Green
Transmission Manual 4-speed
Pk 126 ch
Mileage 20.517 miles
Year 1950
Price 50.000 €

The Jaguar stand at the 1948 London Motor Show was the scene of several landmark events for Sir William Lyon’s fledgling car company. History books recall that this is where the sensational new XK120 made its debut, but the new sports car shared the stand and the limelight with Jaguar’s latest sedan, the Mark V. While the XK120 made headlines with its stunning looks and luscious twin-cam in-line six-cylinder, the Mark V was just as sophisticated, if a little more discreet, than its sporty sibling. Above all, the Mark V was the first completely new Jaguar since the end of the Second World War.

As it was ahead of the XK120, it was also the first Jaguar to use hydraulic brakes, independent front suspension, pressed steel wheels, and became the first production car to use sealed ball joints at the front, a design that has been adopted by virtually every major automaker since.

The Mark V was elegantly styled, retaining a traditional English formality, while the XK120 was all the rage with its sultry, feline aesthetic. Buyers of the Mark V could choose between a closed sedan and an equally attractive open coupé. Power was supplied by a 2 ½-liter or 3 ½-liter single-camshaft in-line six-cylinder engine, derived from a Standard engine used in the Mk IV and SS100.

The Mark V remained in production for just 28 months, with just over 10,000 units built before the modernized, XK-powered Mk VII replaced it (skipping the Mk VI moniker due to its use by Bentley).

Collectors covet these rare and beautiful Jaguars for their sleek, baroque styling, luxurious appointments and sporty road manners. Particularly in the 3 ½-liter version, they offer excellent performance and in many ways resemble a “poor man’s” Bentley Mk VI.

This Mark V is a 1950 3.5L version imported from the USA to Belgium in 1992. It has been fully restored, but its history is limited.