Jaguar XK150 FHC

Brand Jaguar
Model XK150
Color White
Transmission 3-speed automatic
Pk 210ch
Mileage 80.729
Year 1960
Price 55.000 €

The Jaguar XK150 is a sports car produced by Jaguar between 1957 and 1961. It replaced the XK140.

Initially, it was available as a coupé (FHC) and a cabriolet (DHC). The two-seater roadster (OTC) was not launched until 1958. Coupés were equipped with symbolic rear seats.

Although it shares a family resemblance with the XK120 and XK140, the XK150 has been radically modernized. A one-piece windshield replaces the split screen, and the wing line no longer descends as far above the doors. The hood has been widened, opening right up to the fenders, and on the roadster, the bulkhead has been moved back 4 inches (102 mm) to lengthen the hood. The car was available at various times in red, pearl gray, white, indigo blue, burgundy, Cotswold blue, black, misty gray, sherwood green, carmen red, British racing green, Cornish gray and imperial burgundy.

Inside, the XK140’s walnut dashboard has been replaced by a leather-trimmed one. On early Drop Head coupes, a central aluminum dashboard with X-shaped engraving was installed, similar to that on early E-type 3.8 models. It was abolished after June 1958. Slimmer doors offer more space inside.

The standard engine, the same as that used in the XK140, was Jaguar’s 3.4-liter DOHC in-line 6-cylinder, rated at 180 hp SAE at 5,750 rpm, but most cars were equipped with the SE engine, whose cylinder head had been modified with larger exhaust valves, rated at 210 hp SAE at 5,500 rpm. Two 44-mm (1.75-inch) SU HD6 carburetors were fitted.

Dunlop’s 305 mm four-wheel disc brakes make their first appearance, although it is theoretically possible to order a car with drums. Wire or solid wheels could be specified. The suspension and chassis are very similar to those of the XK140. Steering was rack-and-pinion; power steering was not offered.

Production ended in October 1960, with a total of 2,265 Roadsters, 4,445 Coupés and 2,672 cabriolets produced.

This example, a 3.4-liter with automatic gearbox finished in Old English White with contrasting Burgundy hide interior, was fully restored in Belgium over 20 years ago after being imported from the USA. During restoration, the original automatic gearbox was replaced by a more powerful Borg Warner model 35 automatic gearbox (XJ6 original). It has remained in excellent condition throughout.